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Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a sulfur-containing organic compounds,  a colorless and odorless transparent liquid at room temperature, combustible liquid with a moisture absorption, both high polar and high boiling point, non-proton, the characteristics of the water miscibility, thermal stability, can be dissolved in ethanol, propanol, benzene and chloroform, etc. most of the organic matter, known as the "universal solvent." DMSO is widely used as solvents and reagents, particularly for processing of acrylonitrile polymerization solvent and spinning solvent for polyurethane synthesis and spinning solvent for polyamide, polyimide and polysulfone resin solvents, and aromatics, butadiene extraction solvents and synthetic chlorofluorocarbon solvents aniline. In addition, DMSO in the pharmaceutical industry as well as certain drugs directly to the raw materials and carrier. DMSO itself has anti-inflammatory analgesic, diuretic, sedative and other effects, also as the "panacea", often used as the active component of pain medications being added to drugs.

1. Oil Processing 
DMSO in the aromatic extraction as extraction solvent, was first IFP French law, the country in Warsaw thirty-five Chemical Conference. Its advantages are:

(1) high selectivity for aromatics;

(2) at room temperature limit of miscibility aromatics;

(3) the extraction temperature is low, and not with the alkanes, alkenes, water reaction;

(4) No corrosion , non-toxic;

(5) extraction process is simple, less equipment, energy saving;

(6) insoluble olefins suitable for fuel with a high alkene;

(7) back extraction solvent recovery is available. Sulfinol than Shell's law and the Universal Law of superior Udcx.

DMSO on the alkane insoluble, so for food wax, edible mineral oil refining and cancer detection objects. DMSO soluble acetylene, 33 liters per liter of DMSO to dissolve the acetylene, and 25 liters of acetylene dissolved in acetone DMSO only high boiling point, recovery, recycling easy. This storm recovery and dissolved acetylene for gas production. DMSO of organic sulfur, aromatics, alkynes soluble, commonly used in lubricating oil, diesel oil refining. DMSO and water in the ice-free 40% -60 ℃. Therefore, DMSO for gasoline, jet fuel anti-icing agent, automobile antifreeze alpine region. Ferrocene in the production of fuel oil additives used as solvent, the dicyclopentadiene reaction of ferric chloride and sodium to accelerate and improve the yield. Manipulation in the production of nitro-alkanes and chlorinated alkyl nitrite in the reaction of DMSO with high yield. Recently there are many in the oil processing reported in the continuous development of new uses, particularly in foreign investment in diesel refining the industrial production.

2. Synthetic fiber
Application of DMSO in the acrylic fiber, the first is the Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd. patent applications, so that polymerization of acrylonitrile in DMSO, without separation, spinning directly in the water bath to get bulky, soft, easy to dye wool and man-made. The advantage is process simplification, high solubility, high boiling point solvents, non-toxic, easy recovery, product performance, low cost. China's Shanxi Yu Heights, Dalian, Beijing part of this process with the production of acrylic fiber plant. Recently in the production of carbon fiber with a polypropylene is also under nitrile applications. Abroad in the polyester resin used in the production of refined terephthalate.
In addition, in polyvinyl chloride fiber production, spinning with DMSO, acrylonitrile copolymer used in both.

3.Pharmaceutical Production
DMSO as a reaction solvent applications in the synthesis of many pharmaceutical intermediates. Such as: use of potassium fluoride and 3,4 - dichloro-nitrobenzene in DMSO in the reaction of aniline CFCs, are widely used in the production and trifluoromethyl nitrotoluene norfloxacin, ofloxacin and other fluorine-containing drugs. India is producing one of the major fluorine-containing drugs, so DMSO 4500t annually imports about.
DMSO in the synthesis of berberine, niacin, inositol, sucrose fatty acid ester and herbal extract more production have been applied.

4.Pesticides, agricultural fertilizer                                                                                                       DMSO is a pesticide, agricultural fertilizer solvents, penetrants and synergists. Foreign reports in the treatment with the antibiotics dissolved in DMSO chaos fruit rot disease, will be dissolved in DMSO in pesticides to kill the borer and fruit trees, with the 05 ‰ solution sprayed on soybean flowering period, an increase of 10% to 15%, all fertilizer solution after adding 5 ‰ DMSO more prone to physical poisoning. Mycosis in the fruit trees already in domestic applications. In the experiments will be impermeable to plant drugs, dyes dubbed DMSO solution, applied trunk, 12h and found leaves, roots or fruit contain the amount of color, and then disappear after a 24h test results. That the drugs dissolved in DMSO, pigments can penetrate, circulation, and excreted through the metabolism, this feature shows the application of DMSO prospects in agriculture, is subject to future research. 

DMSO as solvent, solvent, antifreeze, paint in the water used in more milk. Because DMSO lipid solubility of various villages, which in some paint as solubilizer. More important is for the use of paint strippers.
DMSO or nitrate added to base, you can get rid of all kinds, including epoxy resins, including film.

Freezing point of pure DMSO is 18. 45 ℃, 40% of water DMSO unfrozen at -60 ℃, and the DMSO and water, snow, heat when mixed. The nature of the DMSO can be used as automotive antifreeze, brake oil, hydraulic fluid composition. Ethylene glycol antifreeze temperature in excess of -40 ℃ when not applicable. And lower than the boiling point of DMSO, toxic, easy to produce air resistance.
DMSO used in antifreeze in the northern cold region de-icing agent, paint, all kinds of latex antifreeze, gasoline, jet fuel anti-ice agent, bone marrow, blood, cold storage of antifreeze and so on.

7.Gas separation
In petroleum processing, chemical gas recovery, gas separation using DMSO on aromatic, alkyne, sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide soluble properties, as the gas separation solvent.
The application of synthetic resin
DMSO as in the production of polysulfone resin polymerization solvent. DMSO on the number of natural resin, synthetic resin has dissolved, nylon, polyester, polyvinyl chloride resin can be dissolved in the heat.
DMSO used in leather processing, and also be used as reactor cleaners polyurethane, acrylonitrile copolymerization solvent.
In the by-product of coking

8. Anthraquinone production, refining for anthracene.                                                                      DMSO added to the anthracene oil extraction anthracene, a content of up to extract more than 98% in the end, no need to water extraction and recovery of anti-DMSO, simple process. Refined in naphthalene have applications outside of China, in the coke oven gas separation for the recovery of organic sulfides.

9.Hydrometallurgy of rare metals
DMSO to do with foreign reports of gold, platinum, niobium, tantalum, rhenium and radioactive elements in the extraction of additives to enhance selectivity, solubility and low temperature crystal analysis of antifreeze.

10. Electronics Industry
DMSO for Farah level, large-capacity capacitors - the liquid electrolyte electric double layer capacitor, the capacitor current is only microfarad capacity, and this capacitor can reach 1 100 Farah. Such as: Japan 3 ~ 5V10F, the United States 1.6V 100F capacitor for solar power systems as energy storage devices, computer and information protection robot power and memory components. In the electronic components, integrated circuits widely used in cleaning DMSO, it has on the organic, inorganic, polymer features a clear and non-toxic, odorless, easy to recycle

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