Chloramine-T, a proposed alternative disinfectant to chlorination in water disinfection.

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Water Disinfection with Chloramine-T

Numerous organisms and chemical pollutants that may be found in water have the potential to cause human diseases. treatment and purification of drinking water using chlorine began to be enforced. But chlorine makes by-products when it interacts with organic matter in raw water, and chloramines does help reduce chlorine by-products.

As an organic chlorine release compound, Chloramine-T has widespread use in the disinfection of surfaces as disinfectant and biocides. Chloramine is commonly used  in low concentrations as a disinfectant in municipal water systems as an alternative to chlorination, which is much more stable and does not dissipate from the water before it reaches consumers.

Benefits of using chloramines over chlorine for water disinfection:

  • Fewer disinfection byproducts are produced.
  • Chloramines remain active for a much longer period of time than chlorine.  
  • Chloramines do not have the same 'chlorine' smell and make the taste and smell of water nicer than when disinfected with chlorine.

Water disinfected by Chloramines does not pose as a health threat. The water can be used for bathing, drinking and washing without any harm.


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