Teloon Chemicals supply TMP(Trimethylolpropane)

Founded in 1994, Teloon Chemicals International Co.,Ltd. is a professional exporter and producer in China , became ISO9001 (2008) Approved Enterprise and the quality is assured by SGS United Kingdom Ltd

Trimethylolpropane, abbreviation is TMP,it is organic compound,white flakes, It has strong ability to absorb water while exposed to atmosphere.Easily soluble in water and acetone, soluble in carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and aether, insoluble in fatty hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon. The density is 1.176g/cm3

TMP is used for alkyd resins,saturated polyesters, synthetic lubricants, monomers, oligomers for radiation curing, pigment coating and polyurethanes for coatings and foams. etc. 

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