petroleun resin, C5 Aliphatic,C9 Aromatic, C5/C9 Copolymerized,Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin

Founded in 1994, TELOON CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. is a professional exporter and producer in , became ISO9001 (2008) Approved Enterprise and the quality is assured by SGS Ltd.

Petroleum Resins have become the industry standards in the adhesive and sealant industry worldwide. Petroleum Resin is suitable for Adhesives. They have excellent compatibility with EVA, APAO, styrene block polymers (such as SIS, SBS and SEBS), Natural Rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubbers, as well as natural tackifier resins. They provide enhanced performance in hot melt adhesive applications. We are the best seller of petroleum resin including C5 Aliphatic, C9 Aromatic, C5/C9 Copolymerized and Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin.

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