Founded in 1994, TELOON CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. is a professional exporter and producer in China, became ISO9001 (2008) Approved Enterprise and the quality is assured by SGS United Kingdom Ltd.

TELOONCHEM Melamine is a kind of important organic chemical intermediate product, which can generate melamine-formaldehy resin (melamine) after condensing with formaldehyde. It owns a merit of nonpoisonous, heat-resisting, ag-resisting, high luster and electric isolation.

It has a widely application as follows:

(1) Decorative panels: melamine plate, melamine impregnated paper stands facing panel, is with a different color or texture of paper soaked into the melamine resin adhesive, and then drying to a certain degree of curing, its pavement in the particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard surface decoration made by hot plate. Production close bond with the substrate together. With the substrate because of its (generally moisture-proof board) are linked closely together, basically done seamlessly, so the environment is high. Can be made of fire, earthquake, heat-resistant laminate, bright color, strong heat-resistant decorative panels for aircraft, ships and furniture, panels and fire, earthquake, heat housing decoration materials. Currently, high-end furniture is to use it to production. Moreover, there are various melamine panel of graining style, performance and aesthetics are higher than other paste the panel, so do not need the plywood. Melamine board is now a mainstream timber home improvement, it has completely broken up the organization of the original timber and damaged the shrinkage of the swelling characteristics of the opposite sex, size, extremely stable, to overcome the contraction of wood due to single, easily deformed, lack of cracking has good dimensional stability, and pest control, not combustion, no distortion, no warping, corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain clean and so on. Features:

-Surface abrasion: abrasion value ≤ 80, 350 rpm grinding of no show the bottom of the phenomenon;

-surface resistance to cigarette ignition: no spots, cracking, bubbling and other changes;

-surface corrosion resistant pollution: pollution, no corrosion;

-surface water vapor : No processes, discoloration and cracking;

-surface resistance to thermal cycling: no cracking, no bubbling;

-surface scratch resistant: ≥ 1.5N continuous scratch the -surface without the whole circle;

surface resistance to cracking: 0 ~ 1 formaldehyde emission quantity: ≤ 1.524h thickness swelling: ≤ 8.0

(2) Paint: Etherificated by butanol, methanol, used as crosslinking agent for senior thermosetting coating, powder coating, can be made of metal coatings, and vehicles, electrical high-grade amino Resin decorative paint.

(3) Molding powder: After mixing, granulation processes can be made of melamine plastic, non-toxic, dirt, moisture was still good electrical properties, can be made of white, impact play of the artefacts, sanitary ware and melamine tableware, electrical equipment, and other advanced insulation materials.

(4) Paper: After the ether with the ether can be used as paper-handling agents, production of anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, non-perishable money and military maps and other senior paper.

(5) Melamine formaldehyde resin mixed with other materials, can also produce fabric finishing agents, leather tanning Run agents, polishing agents and anti-agent, rubber adhesive, accelerant, efficient cement water reducer, steel dilute agent and so on.

(6) Agriculture: Melamine is used in agriculture in the added fertilizer.

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