NOT Hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe

Date of Issue : Apr 1998



Product Name : PARAFFIN WAX


UN No. : N/A

Dangerous Goods Class : None Allocated

Subsidiary Risk : None Allocated

Hazchem Code : 1[Z]

Pack Group : 0


Poisons Schedule : N/A

Uses :

No data available

1.1 Physical Description / Properties

Appearance : Waxy feeling solid with slight odour

Formula :

Boiling Point : N/A deg C

Melting Point : > 45 deg C

Vapour Pressure : N/A

Specific Gravity : 0.92 (water = 1)

Flash Point : Closed Cup 220

pH : N/A ()

Solubility in water : Insol g/l (25 deg C)

Flammability Limits (as percentage volume in air)

Lower Explosion Limit : N/A

Upper Explosion Limit : N/A

1.2 Other Properties

Insoluble in water or alcohol; soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether, carbon disulphides, oils; miscible when melted with wax, spermaceti, fats.

1.3 Ingredients

Chemical EntityCAS No.Proportions (%)
PARAFFIN WAX[ 8002-74-2]0-100
MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX [63231-60-7]0-100
PETROLEUM WAX [64742-61-6]0-100


2.1 Health Effects - Acute


Data suggests that the product should be considered to be non toxic by ingestion.


Data suggests that this product should be classified as non irritating to the eyes.


Data suggests that the product should be classified as not irritating or harmful to the skin .


Data suggests that the product should be considered to be no irritating and non toxic by inhalation.

2.2 Health Effects - Chronic

No data available

2.3 First Aid


If in mouth, thoroughly wash mouth with water, then give some water to drink. Further measures should not be necessary.


If this product comes into contect with eyes, hold open and wash with running water. Ensure irrigation under eyelids by occasionally lifting them. Do not try to remove contect lenses unless trained.


If this product comes into contect wih skin, wash skin with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing and footwear. Ensure contaminated clothing is thoroughly washed using again. if molten material comes in to contect with skin do not attempt to remove. Cool with cold running water for a least 15 minutes, wrap loosely with wet towel or bandage and take to hospital or doctor.


Dust from this product should not present problems. If fumes are inhaled, move to a fume free environment and observe for one hour. If unusual symptoms develop, seek medical attention.

First Aid Facilities

Ensure an eye bath and safety shower are available and ready for use.

2.5 Advice to Doctor

Treat symptomatically. Note the nature of this product.

2.6 Toxicity Data


3.1 Exposure Standards

A TWA value of 2 (fumes) but no STEL value has been established for signficant ingredient of this product. Values expressed as mg/m3. Exposure values at the STEL (Sort term exposure limit) is an exposure value that should no be exceeded for more than 15 minutes and should not be repeated for more than 4 times per per day. There should be at least 60 minutes between successive exposures at the STEL . Exposure values at the TWA (time weighted average) means the average airbone concentration of a particular substances when calculated over a normal 8 hour day for a 5 day working week.

3.2 Engineering Controls

In industrial situations, concentration values below the TWA value should be maintained. Values may be reduced by process modification, use of local exhaust ventilation, capturing substances at the source, or other methods. If you believe air bone concentration of mists, dust or vapours are high, you are advised to modify the process or environment to reduce the problem.

3.3 Personal Protection

Respiratory protection : A face mask or respirator may be used when the product is being used in dusty or confined areas. Otherwise it is usually safe to not use respiratory protection. However, ther may be circumstances where use of a mask or other device is preferred. Use judgement. for help in selecting suitable equipment consult AS/NZS 1715. Protective gloves : Rubber , PVC or other protective gloves are not necessary but are desirable, especially if product is being used frequently or for lengthy periods. For help in selecting suitable gloves consult AS 2161. Eye protection : Eye protection measures are not normally necessary, but are suggested when using this product. Consult AS 1336 and AS/NZS 1337 for about eye protection. Clothing : Clean overalls should be worn, preferably with an apron. Consult AS 2919 for advise on industrial clothing. Safety boots : Wearing safety boots is advisory. Consult AS/NZS 2210 for advice on Occupational protective footwear.

3.4 Flammability

Not flammable.


4.1 Storage / Transport

No special storage and transport requirements. This material has no UN classification. Not a scheduled poison. Containers should be kept closed in order to minimise contamination. Keep from extreme heat and open flames, and make sure the material does not come into contact with incompatible products.

4.2 Packaging / Labelling

UN No. N/A

Class None Allocated

Sub Risk None Allocated

Hazchem Code 1[Z]

Pack Group 0


Shipping Name PARAFFIN WAX


Risk Phrases

Safety Phrases

4.3 Spills and Disposal


In event of a major spill, prevent spillage from entering drains or water courses. As a minimum, wear overalls, goggles and gloves.

Stop leak if safe to do so, and contain spill. Sweep up and shovel or collect recoverable product into labelled containers for recycling or salvage. Recycle containers wherever possible. After spills, wash area, preventing run off from entering drains.


This material may be suitable for approved landfill. Dispose of only in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.


Fire / Explosion

There is no explosion hazard from this matrial under normal circumstances. Unusual fire & explosion hazards : Decomposition products are toxic. There is little or no risk of an explosion from this product if involved in a fire. Polymerisation : will not polymerise Decomposition products : carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and smoke (if combustion is complete), water. Material to avoid : no paticular incompatibilities Stabilty : stable

Extinguishing Media

Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam.


Other Information

No data available

5.1 Contact Points

OrganisationLocationTelephoneAsk For
Teloon Chemicals1908 CHINA LIFE INSURANCE TOWER, 26 RENMIN ROAD, DALIAN 116001, CHINA86-411-2819585Technical Officer

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